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Buying a home can be complicated, but here are some valuable advice (tidbits) that I created that  may be helpful for you. Buying a home can get heated, As you are going through the home buying process. Be prepared for ups and downs, Learn Respect and expect it. These articles cover the basics from understanding how I assist you with the process, 

 Analyzing your budget and financial status, dealing with inspections, making an offer for that home and preparing paperwork.(Don't misrepresent how much you got in the Bank) 

Be prepared to be loyal, If you work with me. I am your source. Please do not tell me your cousin said you should, Or the old "my Brother is a great agent" and he said for you to do this or that, ect, That one always upsets your agent. 

(Number One Rule) Keep people in the process of helping you get your house sold or bought  happy. HOW?.(Be Respectful)  

Rich or Poor Buyer or Seller, Good agents work the same for both people.(NO Change)

Hire a agent from us to work the best deal for you, (you will have honesty from us)

You Need to be truthful and have trust as well.  Trust, that agents need Honesty The Most, (NO BS)

I have seen deals die from good hearted people denied the deal from simply being scared to disclose information, at the start it could have been fixed. Don't be stubborn,

My advise is don't use someone you have history with. Period. (most of the gossip is not needed and counter productive 

Agents don't need to know every thing about you or your family. They will ask for what is required, (Be Honest to them)

Hire someone with no interest in other then protecting your privacy. Don't hire family. Period  It  can complicate a ezy transaction. Any process that goes along with this life changing financial decision.needs outside eyes, give me a  call 770-728-2308 and we will talk about the below. Not About Aunt Whats Her Name, or cousin Johnny

Home Atlanta Realty Partners
Home Atlanta Realty Partners
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