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Sell without listing Think Again Don't Sell with out listing your house period, Turn Away Quick Sale scams, Only a Agent representing your interest  on a regular listing protects your interest. Your Land and House are the most expensive thing you own. Get the Price that is good for you by having multiple offers. if possible but at the very least list it, 

This is a no brainier, Your not going to be getting a company that wants you to make the most money for you . In fact, your going to be giving away the highest value item to someone who does not want to see you make a extra dime. Just Don't do it. Nancy Reagan said it Best. Just say no. to the one call that is all group. 

Real Estate Values are set by what a open market can offer a seller. Not having this  in turn kills the values of your neighborhood. Period

Because the recorded price is recorded in the county. The I will buy your home company's reduce everyone market edge. By lowering to bare bones to get people to sell quick.

(Mortgage company's will work with you) 

I offer short sale for distressed sellers. Also cash for keys in some cases. and home improvement loans ect. I recommend looking at all theses options and make sense.

 Selling with out marketing is foolish in my opinion. 

Home Atlanta Realty Partners
Home Atlanta Realty Partners
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