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Paid At Closing Table, Don't Accept Less Service  sold.jpgThe Slowest most inconvenient way to pay agents is to have them bring a paper check back from the closing office. Its not necessary anymore. The 21 century is here people. Attorneys scan closing docs and then you go to a National Bank we use and deposit the check.(or simply i have the attorney wire it)  No Need to wait 

No Need to Drive anywhere but to the bank) 


 Alternatives  to taking the check to the bank are available, You can it wired securely, (broker Permission Required)  Security checks are in place. I wait on your money  the money is paid same day it clears, and we do that electronically on the wire if requested. So you don't have to drive back to the brokerage with anything. Don't old school.. Its your money..  You did all the work. Simply My Brokerage and i expedite  several financial products (the one of your choosing) Objective one, To get your money the same day of closing if possible period. 

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