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Buying a Home starts Here

What are the steps,


Item 1st, 

Get Pre-Qualified from  at least one lender off my sheet


(I recommend 2) Agents don't like having to explain to the boss why they showed a house to someone who can't buy it, They don't have time to show property you can't afford. 

Do we dig deep and buy a dream home or settle for a starter home? are we looking to downsize, All these are  factors and you still need permission from the bank.. My web site has many financing company. Unless your paying cash, Call them, Get permission, That means get pre-qualified ,Then call US.

How do you choose between buying and renting?

Add the cost and see. If it don't make dollars, it don't make cents. 

How do I get the real scoop on homes I am looking at?
Home inspections, seller disclosure requirements and MY experience will help. But Check everything and everyone, Period, Trust Your Agent and Broker. Do your homework

Home Atlanta Realty Partners
Home Atlanta Realty Partners
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