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Get ready to Haggle, Maybe, Maybe NOT, 

Selling or Buying a Home - Negotiating

Is there a secret to good negotiating?
There are several cardinal rules to negotiating effectively. One is do your homework, and learn as much  as you can about the product. (If your the seller, you may state not considering offers below this price) this in the listing agreement. (cuts down some low ball attempts)

However the Agent must still send any and all offers over to you, Period, Kinda tells you buyers low balling where your seller stands though.  ARG

Don't expect everything, Because you ain't going to get it all. I can't tell you how many times i have been told i will get it all at the end. And after checking back with them later . No progress at all. You must be willing to elevate and let down. You get more honey with sugar. .

Don't let yourself get pushed around, no matter how forceful they are. Keep your wits,

Do you renegotiate after all contingencies are gone. It depends. lol

Are low-ball offers advisable?
No, however GA Agents are required to submit all offers to the seller. (Period)

Do I have to consider contingencies?

No, unless you agreed to do so. 

What is the difference between market value and appraised value?
The appraised value of a house is a certified appraiser's opinion of the worth of a home at a given point in time. Lenders require appraisals as part of the loan application process; fees range from 500 to $600. Market value is what price the house will bring at a given point in time. A comparative market analysis is an informal estimate of market value, based on sales of comparable properties, performed by me and other brokers. Either an appraisal or a comparative market analysis is the most accurate way to determine what your home is worth.I do CMA via e-mail for free in Georgia

What is the best time to sell your house? NOW lol

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