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When Everyone Agrees and all you need is the paperwork done. Call Me

Buying Your Home - Making it smooth when you already squared the deal away with a hand shake. I will do the paperwork for a flat fee. Call me to discuss pricing . Every situation is different. All paperwork is closed by a attorney. I get done what they need done to complete the deal. That's my job for you. Fee Based service.

For everyone else who wants someone to help them get a deal. I have that covered as well.

Get Represented, The Seller in Georgia Pays me in most cases. (as your buyers agent, we don't charge the buyer unless outside situation are discussed and agreed to prior)

Hire US to Help you buy your property, You save time and Money, (you have nothing to loose, and Everything to gain)

We are Good at what we do. (we do specialty real estate for investors and the general public.

Can you buy homes below market? 

Yes Ask Me How, I have many sources the general public does not have.

What is the difference between list and sales prices?

If you ask me this, i will happily  help you openly and honestly. Good Question

Home Atlanta Realty Partners
Home Atlanta Realty Partners
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