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Selling Your Home - Banks Pricing Strategy 101, the House must Sell

The Banks I work for have a strategy, It;s core is three prices for the property,

1st 30 days (AKA) Quicksale price

2nd repaired, all thing ready for someone to move in ,clean painted ect.

3rd 90 day price, normal market price, non distressed price,

I will work your way. 

What is the difference between list and sales prices?
The list price is how much a house is advertised for and is usually only an estimate of what a seller would like to get for the property. The sales price is the amount a property actually sells for. 

What  the  most important factor when selling a home?

What is the best time to buy?
Ask someone with a crystal ball

I there such thing a slow mover?
NO, Price is more likely your factor, Your priced to high, 

How is the price set?
Hopefully by me

What are the standard ways of finding out how much a home is worth?
Call uS

How do you prepare a house to sell?
It depends on your objective and conditions surrounding the sale,

Where do I get information on housing market stats?
Contacting Me is a good source for finding out the status of the local housing market. Compiling such statistics from local real estate boards. For overall housing statistics, U.S. Housing Markets regularly publishes quarterly reports on home building and home buying. 

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