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Selling Your Home - Common Q&A About Selling Your Home


What do all of those real estate acronyms in the ads mean?
Who Knows , It changes all the time, 

How long do bankruptcies and foreclosures stay on a credit report?
Bankruptcies and foreclosures can remain on a credit report for seven to 10 years. 

If you have Bankruptcy on FHA , Ask a lender from my lender page 

What are some tips on negotiation?
If your new at it, be prepared to be intrigued 

Do sellers have to disclose the terms of other offers?
Sellers are not legally obligated to disclose the terms of other offers to prospective buyers.

How do I prepare the house for sale?
First and foremost,,You Can Sell it as is, or spend a lot money you have extra fixing things that may or may not be important to the buyer, It's up to you. Georgia Allows for a sale "as is sale". 

However if you want the list below,

  • Clean the windows and make sure the paint is not chipped or flaking.
  • Be sure that the doorbell works.
  • Clean and freshen up rooms, furnishings, floors, walls and ceilings. Make sure that bathrooms and kitchens are spotless.
  • Organize closets.
  • Make sure the basic appliances and fixtures work. Replace leaky faucets and frayed cords.
  • Eliminate the source of any bad smells, such as the kitty box. Use air freshener or bake a batch of cookies (i like tall house) before your open house to ensure that the house smells inviting.
  • Invest in a couple of vases of fresh flowers to place around the house
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